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The Magic is Here: Bio Algae Concentrates for Autism Recovery

If you know me, you know that I am a huge algae pusher – little green pills follow me whereever I go. That’s because Dougie and I have experienced such profound shifts in health, mood, mental clarity and just plain calm since we’ve been taking spirulina, marine phytoplankton and E3 Live Brain On.

Dougie and I both have malabsorption issues. That means that we cannot absorb all of the nutrition from our food. This fact, combined with toxin build-up really weakens the organs and wreaks havoc in the system. Toxins multiply because the body is unequipped to push them out, real food becomes toxic – and we really suffer a form of mal-nutrition.

Algae made all of that better. And of course, God Bless the Coconut Kefir, because that stuff works wonders as well. But, if I go a few days without my algae I get dry skin, fatigued, and emotionally drained.

So, we’ve used many varieties of non-toxic blends of algae and really fell in love with two of them: marine phytoplankton from Elements for Life and E3 Live Brain On. Brain on is enhanced with something called PEA which is said to help the body create stem cells. After a few days on that, Dougie formed clearer sentences. His language continues to improve daily.

But, my refrigerator is still full of about 20 food-based supplements and super foods. And, I know we could do better for Dougie.

I am grateful to my soul sister, Catherine Garceau, who is a wonderful healer, coach and Olympic medalist — because Catherine never stops seeking answers and connecting with wonderful doctors. Catherine introduced me to Dr. Roland Thomas of Bio Age.

Dr. Thomas, another light worker inspired me to try his product – a smarter blend of algae that works synergistically with the body’s systems. He told me that consuming his algae could replace most supplements because of its high absorbency and the fact that it helps the body create the vitamins it needs.

I’m constantly advised to give my son MethylB12 which is truly needed –especially for people with autism. But something in me always stopped me from doing so. The Bio Age product is supposed to take care of the B12 needs and many others.

So, my order arrived. And I have decided to document our journey and progress with it. Dougie will be taking a combo of two of their products: “F2 (Core) is more nutritional from the green algae content, with amino acids, minerals, chlorophylls, while F3 (forte) is more therapeutic with more brain reaching powers due to many carotenoids from its greater content of red algae.” – Dr. Thomas

Dougie will get 3 of each every day, alternating one every hour.

After one day I am quite satisfied!

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Here’s some more info from Dr. Thomas

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Donna Gates: Autism Healer

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more about “Donna Gates: Autism Healer”, posted with vodpod

I will say over and over again that the work of Donna Gates has made it possible for my family to heal. She has done over 20 years of research on gut health and nutrition and is now one of the leading experts on autism recovery.Her diet is not simply an exclusion diet. Its one that repairs the problems in the gut so that the children can actual heal from their toxic overload.Donna focuses on healing the gut so that the brain can heal. She explains the gut brain connection that we must understand in order to heal from such a complicated disorder. She recommends personalizing the steps to the Body Ecology Diet and incorporating colon cleansing, energetic healing, and detox support of various kinds in order to achieve recovery.Children are getting healthier on this diet! I believe that by beginning with what we put into our bodies, we prepare ourselves for further healing that may be needed (HBOT, chelation, stem cells etc).There is hope. Let me know if you need help!

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Shadow Dancin’

This is how we have fun In Chi-town, without TV, on these cold winter weekends.

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more about "Shadow Dancin’", posted with vodpod

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Letting Go of the autism Label

hpim1844 Two and a half years ago autism was a word I needed. I was looking for answers to my son’s illness, behaviors, developmental regression and complete change of character and consciousness. I needed a definition. I needed a reason.

I needed to call it autism and beat it with a bat. Scream at it. Punch it. Kick it. Spit in its face and hate it for all it did to my boy. For the night terrors and 36 hour sessions without sleep. For the vagueness in his eyes. For his sadness. For the loss of the boy who hugged and kissed. For all it prevented us from doing.

I hated autism. And I needed the word. I felt as though the definition would fuel my reason and research. But the word quickly became a taboo in our home. My husband refused to hear me say it. And he refused to ever say that Dougie had it. This made me angry. And I stored that anger in a little box marked “nobody in the world understands me.”

I’ve lived in close proximity to autism for my entire life. I’ve taught in “special” programs for “special” children. I have an aunt who works specifically with children on the spectrum. At age 10, I befriended a woman named Rosie who probably had the label. So, when Dougie fell into chronic illness and returned without the language he previously had, without the social skills he previously had, without the spark that the previously had –I had an instant inkling that I was witnessing autism happen.

That’s what got me. I never understood that autism could happen. I only understood that the children I previously worked with were just the way they were because they were born that way (and maybe some of them were). I never had a feeling of needing to “cure” them. I loved them. They glowed. Maybe they learned differently or occasionally hurt themselves – but there was something that made them magnificent. I taught them and worked with them with love and believe that we made a difference together. I never connected inner health with outer behavior/symptoms during my time with them.

But, at home, I was watching my son change. And become sicker and sicker. The behaviors and sensory expressions, like licking everything, seemed to be connected to his illness – not simply some unique character qualities. Dougie rubbed his face against the carpeting, spun in circles, stacked and lined up toys, containers or whatever he could get his hands on. I’d watch him and hold the little angel. And there was no question in my mind whether or not I could help heal his predicament. I knew I could, and I knew he wanted me to.

I felt that if I couldn’t call it autism I couldn’t recover him. But the majority of my early studies on the word only provided superficial reasons for these symptoms. No one was saying that there was a physical, scientific, reason that the body responds with exaggerated sensory activity. I was hearing that these children are “special” and there are so many great teachers and doctors out there who can help them succeed. I was hearing that there is no cure but there would be hope that he could get a “job.”

And, as soon as I began talking to other parents of children with autism, I ran into those who thought I was egotistical, insane, cold, un-accepting and of course a terrible mother and role model for wanting to rid my son of this beautiful illness. Have you heard of autistic children referred to as Indigo children or crystal children? I started to question whether this autism was a gift and if I should just let go of trying to help Dougie heal from it. I never questioned my son’s magic. We always had a very deep intuitive connection. And, I wanted to do right by him. Was this his true path?

But, then I thought… if my son fell and got a gash in his head, I would stop the bleeding. If he had a cold, I would help him heal. If he was sad, I would hold him until he wanted me to stop. If my son was licking the floors and the walls and people in public because that consciously made him happy, and he wasn’t displaying other symptoms of unrest, I would accept him. I would teach him that people do not like to be licked. I would help him find healthier ways of fulfilling this need.

And I tried doing that. But my instinct kept telling me they there was something deeper to this autism. No matter how many physical/cognitive attempts I made to help him stop behavior that was dangerous to him I didn’t seem to be able to succeed that way. No matter how many times I pointed to myself and self “mommy” – he wouldn’t respond.

Along the journey, I saw a life changing video made by a woman with autism that opened my mind about how she perceives the world in a really sensory way. How she communicates with water and air. How even though she couldn’t talk she could write eloquently and felt so much joy about her life.

I could deeply relate to her. I too can see energy in the air. Feel emotion from animals, people and water. I honestly started to question whether or not I had this “autism.” I began remembering spinning in circles as a child, not talking to anyone but my parents, rubbing my face on everything, putting everything in my mouth, crying all the time, lining up pop bottles and biting people in public. They mystery behind autism was beginning to unravel for me.

I’ve never been one to conform and this has never been about conformity for me. It’s been about helping my son become his healthiest self.

Many of his behaviors were not socially acceptable. But I never flinched when taking him out in public. I used to get shoved to the front of the grocery checkout line because of his screaming. I took him to the park nearly every day where he would insist on banging the metal slide pole to hear the sound. And I never felt the need to say “oh he has autism” to explain us.

I needed the word only for me. I needed the word to help heal him – or so I thought. And I allowed him to be evaluated and labeled by the school system – a long and painful process, so I could get my answer. And we accepted the label because we were promised help if we did so. We interviewed the Chicago Public School staff who performed the evaluation. We explained that we would completely recover our son from his illness. We explained that we would accept a label if it would bring us help that reflected our beliefs. We explained that although we generally don’t accept the idea of labeling a child, we would take this one if it meant that Dougie could get real help. Help that brought us closer to recovery. And most of all, we didn’t want him pigeonholed because of it. We didn’t want the word spoken around him.

I signed a piece of paper agreeing that my son had “autism.” I did it against my deepest intuition. My husband wouldn’t sign it. In the instant that I crossed the last “t” on McDermott I regretted it. My son did not have autism as defined by the school system so they could never help recover him. They could only offer services with the notion that he had speech and occupational difficulties. They couldn’t get the root cause of those issues because they did not have the tools.

Then I began to hate autism even more because of the way the school system made extra money from it. I hated it because it put a cloud over my son at his school… and the word was repeated over and over and over. I hated it because no one believed that we could end its destruction on Dougie’s life.

Early on, I began to understand Dougie’s condition as a toxic manifestation. As I studied I learned where those toxins came from and as many of you know, we have brought him into a very healthy light.

But I continued to struggle with what to do with this label that kept coming up. All of the negative comments I continue to get from people who call me an autism hijacker. And, the sick children out there whose parents struggle like I did over how to handle a disorder that is only defined in social, sensory and outward symptoms.

Finally, last summer I really embraced shamanism and studied with some amazing spiritual teachers. Dougie’s and my recovery through raw foods helped open both of our bodies for deeper healing. But, food could not bring us to the level of peace we now have.

Shamanic journeying, meditation, chakra balancing though sound and movement, and touch therapies like reiki all helped me realize the insignificance of labels. But most of all they helped me let go of my need to label our situation.

The autism label, as widely defined never described how my husband and I see our son. My husband knew this all along. We create our own lives. We manifest our desires. We are completely responsible.

By believing that my son does not have “autism,” but merely an overload of toxins that continue to melt away I am defining it more scientifically because this is actually what he has. And, by understanding how these toxins can be released energetically helps add more valuable tools to our healing regime.

As time goes on, I continue to practice shamanism and reiki and I continue to gain deeper acceptance for who my son really is.

I have realized that yes, this is about acceptance. Yes this was supposed to happen. Yes my child does have a magical reason for being here and for displaying these behaviors. There is something very intuitive about him. He can use touch to heal me when I am in pain.

I believe he was put here to help us all heal. Because we were able to heal him against the odds, I know that anything is possible. I don’t know if I realized that before. Letting go of autism has helped me let go of my addiction to all labels. Now I can enjoy life for what it is. I can enjoy the feeling of water on my skin and wind in my hair without having to define it. I am more relaxed thanks to my little angel.

It just so happens that as we continue to physically heal and release toxins though diet and energy healing, Dougie’s speech and communication becomes more and more typical. But his magic and his power also increase. I would love and adore my son if he never said a word to me. If he never looked at me. But, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t lead him in the direction for complete wellness and fulfillment.

Dougie is not autism. Dougie is Dougie. He’s my magical little spunkmuffin – a glimpse into the heavens, and my strongest role model.

Shannon Ruhe has traveled to families’ homes to work with our kids and has 4 more little ones drinking green drinks this week! You too can have a green mustache!

ty green stashe

There is a reason our kids are so “picky” and it has everything to do with the damaged gut. How to break the vicious cycle?

  • Remove harmful foods and replace them with healing foods
  • Learn the healthiest foods for our kids with damaged guts/immune systems
  • Take a step by step approach in introducing them to the children
  • Discover probiotic healing foods.
  • Find healthier options for snacks
  • Use rotation menu of foods for the reactive gut

February 28, 2009

Location: A gift of Health

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

A Gift of Health

7060 FM 1960 East

Humble, TX 77345 (next to 24 hr Fitness Center)

Child care not provided


281-852-4477 (Shannon)

281-883-8951 (Shannon Cell)

281-540-4372 (A Gift of Health)

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Recovery is Beautiful

This is how we have fun In Chi-town, without TV, on these cold winter weekends.

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more about "Shadow Dancin’", posted with vodpod

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Undoing Autism in Houston: Learn with Shannon Ruhe 1/24/09

Shannon Ruhe has discovered dietary, behavioral, emotional and social remedies to help support her son’s autism recovery, and now she is sharing her experiences with the world.tytay-eating-yum

Join Shannon January 24, 2009 10 a.m. -1 p.m. for an extensive workshop!

Learn about:

  • Detoxifying your home.
  • Safe water for drinking and bathing.
  • Why nutrition for autism?
  • Therapy models for autism and how to start right now in your home. We’ll explore ABA and SonRise.
  • What should we be eating, how to prepare, how to afford, and how do I get my kid to eat healthy?
  • Applying biomedical to your home healing plan.

You’ll have access to biomedical DVDs as Shannon traveled to 5 national conferences (DAN and USAAA).  So you can see for yourself how a real family has decided to beat the odds and BELIEVE!

January 24,2009 ty-green-stashe

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

A Gift of Health

7060 FM 1960 East

Humble, TX 77345 (next to 24 hr Fitness Center)

Child care not provided


281-852-4477 (Shannon)

281-883-8951 (Shannon Cell)

281-540-4372 (A Gift of Health)

A binder, baking kit, beverages, and healthy snacks included..

The low cost of this workshop is priced so that all can participate. $50 per person or bring a friend and share the cost of $80.

Here is what Shannon has to say about the event:

When my son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months I was in shock. There was little available that supported my belief of what was happening and what could be done. I was filled with fear and anger as well intentioned experts looked at me with almost pity for believing in my son. Did I recognize that he stared off into space with no language or awareness? Of course, but acceptance does not equal passiveness. I wanted to know what had happened and why this was happening in epidemic numbers. I felt as if they were sad “for this mother who wasn’t ready to accept.” Accept what?

Accept a life of picture charts, and teaching self help skills?

We had different dreams and different beliefs. We decided to DO SOMETHING. It was obvious that I had to find what my son needed because other than speech, OT, and special education we were on our own. There were services to accommodate children with autism, but nothing in place to address why the regression and inflammation. I wanted to know what was happening and what I could do about it.

My exhausting journey began. I traveled to conferences from CA to NJ to FL. I read dozens of medical journals. I consulted with 4 doctors. I studied with 2 nutritionists. I found another mother Kim Wallace, director of Spectrum of Hope. I studied with Donna Gates author of Body Ecology Diet, and Diane Farr founder of BEDROK. I traveled to Massachusetts and now run a SonRise playroom for missed milestones during my son’s inflammation. During this time day after day I always believed that we would make it. I just couldn’t find room for any other belief. And in those days I said to myself “I will make sure that mothers have more support when I’m able.”

While finding my way through my son’s autism and raising a newborn I was most pained by the loneliness and isolation I felt each day. I had family and friends who not only did not support me, they actually destroyed me with their mean comments, jokes, or looks. Of course it was my job to believe in myself and not allow others to affect my self esteem. However I didn’t have tools to navigate these situations as I do now.

Family criticized me, friends laughed at me, and the experts pitied me. This is why I’m pleased to announce my dream of having classes for supporting parents in my home to help you navigate recovery for your family.

So here we are a few years later. Tyler is now 5 and THRIVING! Asthma, mild seizures gone, and most symptoms of autism gone. What remains is a very capable child with emerging social abilities. We still work to catch up missed milestones in social and play however Tyler no longer resembles a child with progressive autism. Recently HE TOLD US that he wanted to take gymnastics. So we signed him up with tears of joy. Just a few years ago we had no idea how to teach him where his nose was and that I was his Mama.

We have stopped his autism and he is healing. We did this mostly in our kitchen.


Today just a few years since our journey began there is much more awareness. Parents aren’t looked at as crazy to the degree that I was. However mothers with more support than ever still ask NOW WHAT?

Please join me in my home Saturday, January 24th, and help heal your own children!:

Future workshops with guest appearances from the Ruhe children. They’ll demonstrate ABA, SonRise, and healthy eating.

green-apple-martiniTis the Season to Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Many of us are discovering that our old ways of eating and drinking lead to a very un-merry holiday season.

Raise your hand if you are sick of waking up on January 2nd hung over, bloated, 10 pounds heavier and dreading the next time you’ve got to see your in-laws?

The keys to overcoming most of these seasonal ails are preparation and prevention. With just a few smart adjustments, you can enjoy every bite of that chocolate cake and even improve your ability to handle stress.

Monday December 15, 2008, 7:30-10 p.m.


  • Learn hangover prevention and cure
  • Non alcoholic party drink recipes that will knock your socks off
  • Simple green detox plan for a stress-free beginning to the festivities
  • Tips for keeping your diet alkaline and how alkalinity sets the stage for stress relief
  • Quick and easy appetizer and dessert recipes that you can bring along with you to parties
  • Sample yummy raw food items form the Heal Artfully Holiday Kitchen!

Health should taste good and be easy to accomplish. Join me for a Monday night of fun and delicious information!!!!

$16/person includes snacks and beverages

Preregistration Required

To register: email your name and contact info to, and you will be given location info.

Pay pal payments can be made to

We only have a limited number of seats!

Cash and checks are also accepted and may be brought to the workshop

Image Credits:



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Raw Lunch Boxes: Your Answer to Healthy Delicious Holiday Eats

Click here for full menu

Click here for X-Mas order form

Click here for New Year’s order form

Hey Raw Foodies –

Are you going home for the holidays with a lump of worry in your throat about what you’ll eat, what you’ll contribute and how you’ll find time to pull it all together before the drive back to your fam?

collard-wrapYour Raw Vegan Lunch Box packs easily for the trip home and is chock full of stuff you can share! is opening our kitchen so that you and your family can enjoy delicious raw vegan meals this Christmas and New Year without spending extra hours hovering over the dehydrator!

Treat yourself to a lunch box and order sides to share with your loved ones!

All meals are raw vegan (not heated above 115 degrees in order to keep nutrients alive), animal product free, refined sugar and gluten free, as organic and local as can be, and packaged in reusable and/or recycled containers. Sanitation guidelines are followed.

email with questions

Perfect for Raw Vegans, Green Conscious Chicagoans, and anyone who wants to eat healthier and support natural autism recovery

Dolma. Bruschetta. Cheese and Crackers. Stuffed Peppers. Ice Cream. Green Juice.

Please place X-Mas orders no later than 11 p.m. December 19 2008. New Year’s orders must be placed no later than 11 p.m. December 26, 2008.

Pick up in Lakeview (X-Mas)December 23rd and (New Year’s) December 30th by 10 p.m.

Delivery charge: 7-$11 depending on where you live in the city

Paypal payments can be made to,

Checks may be made out to Gina Laverde McDermott and mailed to Doug McDermott at 4747 Lincoln Mall Dr, suite 304, Matteson, IL 60443

Heal Artfully offers low or no- cost workshops and education for families wishing to recover from autism, naturally. Founder, Gina Laverde-McDermott, has spent the last 2 years using diet and other natural remedies to recover her own son from the condition. Gina is a writer, researcher and health motivator who has studied with Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet. Part of the profits obtained from this sale will go toward helping Heal Artfully file for non-profit status.

image credit: the greengangster

Registration Form

Proper Detoxification, significant time spent in nature, baby spa, green food, raw food, blended and probiotic foods, hope, diligence, research, Donna Gates, BEDROK Community, Christina Allen, energy healing, yoga, music and belief — are a few factors that helped me understand how to unravel Dougie’s diagnosis. I will share this experience and how you can incorporate these methods into your own healing routine at my next workshop. Whether your child is on the spectrum, has allergies, or simply could use a healthier diet — I am excited to share with you!

So many children suffer from allergies, food intolerances, asthma, chronic infections and unnecessary illness. Most of our kids have build-up and deficiencies that can be undone. I cannot sit back and watch another family experience what mine has. If I can recover my son from autism, WE, as a community can collectively heal all of our babies.

Heal Artfully

Mom’s health affects the overall health of the family. Learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and beyond by building your immunity and strengthening your natural healing instincts.


Learn more about:

  • How the Body Ecology Principals can be Adapted to Your Unique Needs
  • Easy Raw Organic Food Prep
  • Probiotic and Healing Foods
  • Recovering and Preventing Autism and Autoimmune Disorders
  • Creating Healing Space for Yourself and Your Children
  • How Vaccines Affect the Immune System

When you leave this class you will understand the symptoms of sickness (and suppressed sickness) and how to help even the healthiest children become healthier.

Dads, Caregivers and Teachers Also Welcome!

Sunday November 2, 2008

1 – 4 p.m.



Automatic payments can be made through paypal to Checks can be made out and mailed to Douglas McDermott, 4747 Lincoln Mall Dr. Suite 304, Matteson IL, 60443

Financial Assistance is available for this workshop!!!

Please email for registration questions, location and payment details, and please submit this registration form to secure your seat.

The class will include organic appetizer/dessert buffet, raffle prizes, informational cds and booklet, product samples, food demo, free recipes, and a question and answer session.

If you are registered for the class and have pressing questions, please feel free to email them to me ahead of time so that I can give proper attention to the answers.


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